UAB “Argodos logistika”

Provides car logistics services to car manufacturers and their representatives. The company is still young, but the team consists of “time-tested” employees who have learned step-by-step to understand what the market wants: high-quality service, responsible and smooth work with customers and, of course, price competitiveness. To this day we say: WE HAVE LEARNED IT!

A steady circle of customers has established. The provision of services complies with all the standards and norms of the international CMR convention.

UAB “Argodos logistika” quickly and cost-effectively adapts to the specific needs of each customer

We are characterized by flexibility, direct logistics, direct customer service.

We provide transportation services all over Europe, we cooperate with companies with great experience in the field of transport, which have their own fleets, ports, terminals all over the world.

Logistics services