About Us

UAB “Argoda logistics” was established on August, 2014th in the Republic of Lithuania. An enterprise operates as transport and forwarding provider in entire Western and Eastern European countries.

Forwarding is an activity requiring detailed transport process knowledge, and is also needful for extensive networking development throughout various fields. These days, logistics, freight forwarding and transportation remain as important processes for the majority of business sectors and companies; in particularly – for those incorporating sales activities with business partners from abroad. When it is smooth transportation services development, which needs to be ensured, trust and flexible up-to-date solutions are important factors. UAB “Argoda logistics” can be proud working with forwarders which maintains long-term, periodical and one-time contacts, at the same time extending present networks with Lithuanian business partners and partners from abroad. UAB “Argoda logistics” specializes in full, partial and oversized load transportation by car carrier trailers and trucks throughout all European and CIS countries.

UAB “Argoda logistics” – trustful business partner in the area of load transportation organization. Until today, our team have established short-term and long-term renting agreements for over 100 trailers. We pursue for service quality to the level it could ensure welfare for our clients’ business. Operating in the transportation area for more than 15 years we sought for realization of the main objectives we have had been raised for ourselves, which are as follows:

  • Timely cargo delivery
  • Quality and trust based cargo transportation
  • High level of operation in transportation service provision

Today we boldly maintain – YOU CAN BE SURE TO TRUST US!

Are you seeking an actual forwarding or logistics services? Are you pursuing for an effective cooperation plan? We are here to provide You with services through high-performance collaboration. Once You subscribe for services we provide, our team operates instantly just to offer an exact proposal You need and, finally, we are here to perform a lay out of all answers to Your questions of high importance.

For our team, load transportation is NOT JUST A BUSINESS, but also – a sought to ensure SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS TO EACH AND EVERY CLIENT. Dare to believe this – trust us.