Passenger Cars and Freight Transportation for International Routes

Our team can offer wide range of logistics services. All freights upon transportation are insured under all international CMR convention requirements for the sum of 300000 Eur and all cabotage transportations are insured for the sum of 300000 Eur.

Our transporter park comprises of more than 100 transporters, which are rented under long-term and short-term agreements. Besides our team collaborates with subcontractors which provide services corresponding to the highest quality standards in the area of passenger cars transportation, and which quality is based on the long-term working experience with impeccable quality vehicles. The majority of transporters matches directives and norms of EURO5 and EURO6.

Our highly qualified team ensures an impeccable quality of the services provided:

  • Operative subscription acceptance and confirmation
  • Smooth coordination of transportation process
  • Impeccable implementation and control of transportation services
  • Timely information management